Thursday, November 18, 2010

Apple and Microsoft - the continuous debate

I will probably be in agreement with most of you, when I say that Apple has definitely re-invented the computer through their innovative design, characteristic colors, transparent plastic and cool shapes.

After seeing such a great design, with an easy-to-use (although sometimes still cumbersome) interface on their OS, people might think: what could be best? Is there anything better than iPhone, could anyone innovate more than them?

Beating a successful design, coming up with even greater ideas is not an easy task - lots of brainstorming happens, long nights spent in imagining other ways of creating a lot of practicality combined with a cool touch...

And when I was thinking that all was said and done, I have seen this cool ad for Microsoft, and I felt that there is still a lot of great stuff to be brought to life:

Watch this video - I find it inspiring, and although it might match to other companies, it comes from Microsoft - so you either love it, or hate it!

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