Saturday, June 28, 2014

What's your secret?

I got asked recently for secrets for being liked/appreciated by people/colleagues, and how to reach a high level of confidence.

That's a tough question to answer, and didn't know what to say: just be yourself, talk to people etc., so really non-relevant stuff. And it stayed like this, until I've read through some pages of this book: Louder than words.

And I then realized that there are several things that can make you look confident, make yourself liked and appreciated by the others, more than anything else. Here they are (and don't take them as truth until you verify them yourself):
- have a positive state of mind
- take care of what your attitude says to the others
- smile - really smile when you meet someone, to show how you feel about them
- be genuinely interested in what the other has to tell you, and show it!
- posture and stance tell a whole lot about your confidence levels
- your movements contribute as well to say the right message (if they need a quick action, do you move quickly, or take your time?)
- your voice - is it humble, is it firm, is it a high pitch when stressed, or a low deep voice?
- your habits - when you come/leave office, when you take lunch, for how long, how you spend your time - all count in building your image in front of others
- last but not least: the people you hang out with make a big difference as well.

So whenever you ask yourself what makes a good leader, what makes a person be more liked/appreciated by others, think about what they say/do, but also how they actually present themselves, taking into account all the above, and even more (clothing, for example - although it should not be the definitive argument for sure, but mere elements that combine in the overall image).

What are your thoughts, what does it make a strong leader/personality?