Saturday, January 05, 2008

Evaluate your human resources performance

It's beginning of the year, and for a lot of companies it is the time for looking back to what happened last year and evaluate the performance of the resources.
You all know how to do performance evaluation, so I won't lecture on this, instead, I'm asking you: what are your criteria for evaluating a resource? Do you look only at their performance, do you take into account the context, too, the environmental conditions and all the factors that may impact a person's performance? Or you just look at the evaluations that you did over the year, sum it up, and that's it?
And if you answered yes to the above questions: by taking into account the reviews you collected over the year about a person, without keeping in mind the big picture of the context and needs and demands we had on that person, do we build an accurate image of that person's performance?
These are questions that I need to answer pretty fast, as I need to give feedback to all my team members, and it's not an easy task...