Sunday, February 18, 2007

Meetings, meetings, and more meetings - useful or not?

Today I would like to discuss about meetings in the work environment. I'm pretty sure that you all have an agenda on your desk or in your computer, filled with lots of meetings every week and month. Are these meetings necessary? All of them? Do you reach your goals with these meetings?

Here is one excerpt from a very interesting article:

How many meetings did you attend or hold in 2006? Tens? Hundreds? Now, take a minute to consider how many of those meetings were actually turned into positive, productive action that made your business better.
These are important questions to ask in a world of ‘fast-food communication’, where ondemand, real-time, dynamic collaboration technologies have quickly turned global business into a single, connected cube farm. Everyone has meetings; it’s up to you to determine whether the information and responsibilities shared in those meetings drives your success, or simply leads to deeper inefficiency.

Here is the full article, to which I challenge to discuss in the following days:

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Art of the Start

I have just watched this great video of Guy Kawasaki:!!!

It is amazing how many things one can learn in just a 40 minutes presentation of the TEN key points he outlines and evangelizes...

I strongly recommend anyone who wants to start a company to view this video and think again before actually moving on. It's full of truths and things that I have already seen happenning before, and I can tell you (without being a big entrepreneur) that he is right.

I will search for more items like this one, an come back to you, it's really useful and meaningful!