Thursday, May 17, 2007

Build Operate Transfer - Managing your BOT

Recently I've run into a lot of discussions about how to run a BOT business. Managing a BOT can pose a lot of issues if you don't respect some basic rules that you establish well ahead. Like with any other offshoring model, you need to have some expectations set from it. I am thinking of multiple points to be well defined ahead. I would start by setting an objective about team size to be reached in a period of time, and how you would get there (recruitment process, selection, ramping up). Next, I would think about the types of projects that could be safely handed over to the BOT team, without putting at risk the high visibility projects. I would also consider having one key person managing the entire BOT, one person that I trust and that could be hired by my company, rather than the service provider. And to make a long story short, here is a very good link that talks about a particular case, really-really interesting: